As individual as your life: The car subscription.

The TYNe models on subscription offer you as much freedom as you want.
You only get as much exceptional e-transporter as you need. With a fixed rate, you keep a clear overview of all costs.

The car subscription works like flat rates for TV and music or classic streaming offers. It guarantees maximum flexibility: you drive your TYNe for the desired duration at a fixed monthly price. With the clever subscription model, you get fast mobility, flexible terms and maximum planning flexibility. Apart from charging, everything is already included.

You can get your desired TYNe model with different terms of 6, 12 or 24 months.


You take out the TYNe subscription directly with us as the manufacturer – we take care of the rest. From the moment you take delivery of the e-transporter, you drive your car completely independently. When the subscription period ends, you simply return your van.

Your subscription benefits:

  • Be mobile quickly
    You will receive your TYNe after approx. 2 to 4 weeks (ABO start in December 2023 at the earliest).
  • Financial security and transparencySie pay a monthly “charge-only” instalment. Service, maintenance, insurance and vehicle tax are included in the subscription.
  • More freedom
    No long-term financing or complicated contracts.
  • TYNe drive without restrictions
    With a monthly subscription, you get a TYNe in mint condition. Get your TYNe for exactly as long as you like.
  • Relaxed driving
    You have a breakdown or an accident – even then you can rely on us. We will take care of you.

This is what a TYNe FEEL FREE SUBSCRIPTION contains

With the TYNe car subscription, you enjoy financial security and full cost transparency. Incurring costs for registration, service, maintenance, vehicle tax, comprehensive and third-party insurance are already covered by the fixed monthly subscription rate. Your service package includes everything except consumables such as windscreen wiper fluid and operating costs for electricity. This way, you can drive your car at an all-round low price with your car subscription.

Cancel subscription by purchase

You decide to buy your TYNe during the subscription period? No problem, we will offset the subscription payments incurred up to that point against the purchase price.


The car on subscription differs from mobility concepts such as purchase, leasing, car sharing or long-term rental: Leasing is often complicated, car sharing very spontaneous and long-term rental expensive. When buying a car, in addition to the expensive purchase, there are other incalculable costs.

The car subscription is the convenient solution for all those who want to remain electrically mobile and flexible. You can choose from different subscription options from 6 to 24 months. The fixed monthly fee already covers everything – you only have to charge it yourself. Benefit from cost transparency and the freedom to make new decisions after the car subscription.

With a monthly subscription you get a TYNe in mint condition

Get your TYNe without restrictions – for as long as you like, we’ll do the boring stuff!

All vehicle maintenance included

Having a TYNe is supposed to be stress-free. With a subscription, it definitely is: We take care of the insurance, maintenance and everything else so that your TYNe is always in top condition. The subscription includes all regular services as well as insurance and road tax.


  • The subscription covers both damage to the car and motor vehicle liability.
  • The car can be driven by the contracted person and other members of the household or employees in the company.
  • The excess for your TYNe under your subscription is 500.00 euros per claim. If the repair costs are less than this, you pay less.

Maintenance intervals

  • You will be notified when your TYNe is due for servicing.
  • The car is collected, taken to the workshop and then returned.
  • If the workshop stay lasts longer than one day, a replacement vehicle will be provided. This also applies if your TYNe has to go to the workshop for repairs.

Roadside assistance

Should something go wrong on the road, we are there for you. We will take your TYNe to the nearest workshop or to the factory.

Time to sign up!

Take out your TYNe FEEL FREE SUBSCRIPTION now and drive your TYNe this year. From 2024, you will receive your TYNe within 2 to 4 weeks of application (delivery times may vary depending on availability).

A registration fee of €150.00 will be charged when you take out your subscription. This fee is due together with your first monthly invoice.

How to get your TYNe

The collection and delivery of your TYNe takes place in 71332 Waiblingen (near Stuttgart).

We can also deliver your TYNe directly to a location of your choice. This is subject to extra charges.


This is how easy it is to book the TYNe CAR SUBSCRIPTION:

Take out your subscription online and choose your desired term: 6 – 12 – 24 months are possible.

After you have ordered, a credit check is carried out. Payment of the first monthly instalment and the registration fee is made when the vehicle is handed over.

We will contact you to arrange vehicle handover. Pick up your TYNe at our location or have it delivered to your home or business for a fee.

Remember to bring your driving licence for collection or delivery. And now? Hit the road!


To subscribe, you must be at least 21 years old and have held a driving licence (class B) for at least three years.

You will receive a TYNe VAN in mint condition. This means that your TYNe looks and feels like new, even though it may have been on the road before. This allows us to make your mobility more sustainable and make the most of our newly produced TYNe.

Every TYNe is regularly serviced and connectivity features are regularly updated. When subscribers change, a professional interior and exterior cleaning is carried out to ensure that your TYNe is always in first-class condition.

Every month you have 1,000 free kilometres at your disposal. If you do not use them up, the remaining kilometres will be credited to your next month. We will only charge you for any extra kilometres driven (€0.20/km incl. VAT) at the end of your contract.

Don’t worry, if your TYNe is replaced, we’ll charge the current mileage to your new car.

Ihr TYNe FEEL FREE ABO läuft 6, 12 oder 24 Monate. Die kürzest mögliche Laufzeit beträgt also sechs Monate, aber Sie können Ihr Abo nach dem jeweiligen Ablauf so lange weiterlaufen lassen, wie Sie möchten!

Wenn Sie Ihr Abonnement dann doch kündigen möchten, müssen Sie dies mindestens 20 Tage vor der nächsten Abrechnung tun.

The registration fee covers administrative costs such as setting up accounts and contracts, registering the car and other similar costs.

The registration fee will be invoiced with your first monthly payment and will be charged each time you sign up for a new subscription, regardless of whether you are already a customer or not.

Insurance is automatically included with every TYNe subscription. You can therefore not change or cancel it yourself.

The car should mainly be driven by the contracted person, i.e. you. However, members of your household and employees of your company may also drive your TYNe. To do so, all drivers must meet the requirements of the TYNe FEEL FREE Subscription Terms and Conditions.

The excess is the maximum amount you have to pay yourself in the event of an accident or damage to the car. This is 500 euros per case. If the repair costs are lower, you will of course pay less. Of course, we expect you to be careful with your TYNe and to abide by the terms and conditions of your subscription.

In the event of an accident, damage or vandalism, you must contact our customer service directly and provide us with all the necessary documentation. We will then report the incident to the insurance partner.

If you collide with another party, both parties must sign a claim form about the course of events. It is good to always have a claim form in your car in case something happens.

In the event of theft or burglary, a report must also be made to the police. Please also inform our customer service about the incident.

If your TYNe has been on the road for a while, we will contact you in good time to replace it. Of course, we want you to get your new TYNe as stress-free as possible.

We will forward this to you. Please understand that we will charge a processing fee of 25,- €.

The TYNe car subscription is a sustainable mobility concept. New cars are used in the best possible way. After taking out a subscription, you receive a TYNe VAN in mint condition. It looks and feels like new. To conserve resources as much as possible, your TYNe may have already been on the road.